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Why Regular Roof Inspection Is Important


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Why Regular Roof Inspection Is Important

Drywall Repair & Remodeling Pasadena, CA | Why Regular Roof Inspection Is Important

Very few people give much thought to the condition of their roof, even though its job is incredibly important. The best structure you can imagine would still be pretty useless without a good cover to protect its inhabitants from the elements. While your roof may look fine from the ground level, there may be issues that a closer inspection will uncover. You need to have it checked every so often to make sure that its condition isn't compromised.

Safety Is The First Concern

Roof inspection can be dangerous for the obvious reason that it involves climbing to a considerable height. Professionals know this, but more importantly, they know the proper precautions that must be taken to ensure their safety. The other main consideration is the weather. Roof inspection is not a job that should be done during high wind and strong rain.

Inspection Should Involve Cleaning

A good roof inspection will uncover any broken or chipped tiles as well as any other issues that need immediate attention. While the inspection is taking place, it's a good idea to get rid of any accumulated detritus, such as leaves and branches. Organic debris may seem harmless, but as it rots it can compromise the integrity of the roof tiles. That's why it's important to periodically have the area cleaned, especially if your property is surrounded with tall trees.

Some Areas Need Extra Attention

Basically, any non-flat part of the roof can become problem areas. These areas include things like vents, chimneys and skylights. It is in and around these areas that the tiles can come loose, leaving gaps that can expose the underlying insulation to the elements. The roof capping should also be thoroughly inspected as it too, can become dislodged and may end up letting in rainwater. The mortar that usually keeps the caps secured should be checked and if they have become loose, they will need to be secured again.

Checking The Interior Structure

We often think of roof inspections as an exterior task, but did you know that the damage can come from the inside as well? Things like the trusses and rafters can become damp and may start to rot over time, which can compromise the integrity of the entire roof. Make sure this area is not overlooked when you have the area inspected. If you need any help, our team at Drywall Repair & Remodeling Pasadena will be happy to help.


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