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Trex Decking

Custom Trex Deck Designs

Beautiful composite wood decks for patios, backyards, porches, and many other areas. Contact us to have an expert give you a free quote on Trex decks with rails, stairs, and lights.

Trex Decking

Trex Decking Installation Near Me - Pasadena CA

When you want a hardwearing deck that needs very little maintenance, then Trex is the answer. This composite wood decking option is exceptionally tough and needs almost no looking after. Trex decks can stay beautiful and useful for a very long time, with minimal maintenance at best. We provide installation services for all types of Trex decking options. Whatever you need, we can provide high-quality custom decking designs to meet your budget requirements and design preferences. This includes building custom multi-level decks from Trex to create elevated porches or patios. We also build above ground decks for pool areas using Trex materials for beauty and durability. You’ve got a tremendous variety of colors suitable for these platforms, with a multitude of textures and looks to pick.

Ideal Decking For All Situations

Trex decks are a great answer to almost any patio or porch. This composite wood deck material is very durable and maintains its structure and aesthetic for a long time without much maintenance. Because it’s made partially from plastic, Trex decking doesn’t grow extremely slippery when wet in the way that real wood decks do. That makes Trex decking great for above ground pool decks and any other platform where water splashes can occur. Also, various pests and insects don’t burrow into Trex. Certainly not the way they would with regular wood. Trex decks are built strong and stay strong, making them an excellent option for almost any scenario. As a top outdoor deck choice, Trex gives you an affordable way to create lovely aesthetics that stays durable.

Huge Range Of Custom Trex Deck Options

Looking to install deck lighting? We can supply that. How about Trex deck railings? We provide those too, allowing you to make sure your new deck stays safe. All in all, the possibilities are almost limitless when it comes to choosing Trex deck colors and designs. To help customers find a deck for a Pasadena home or business, our technicians will provide you with expert advice at every stage of the project. This means you’ve always got someone to answer your questions, providing peace of mind, and ensuring you’ll be happy with the end product.

Pasadena Trex Deck Installation

Our team experienced deck contractors work fast to finish the job. Thanks to many years of experience building Trex decks, we’re able to quickly install new custom deck designs to our rigorous professional standards. It doesn’t take us long to finish projects, which means minimal timespans to completion. We handle all types of projects, from the simplest decking repair or maintenance to complicated above ground pool deck installation. We approach each project with precision and meticulous planning, ensuring it gets done quickly and in a thorough fashion. So whether you have a single small deck to install or a whole multi-level decking structure, we can take care of the job easily.

Deck Repair Services Near You

It’s rare for Trex decking to need repairs, but it does happen sometimes. But whether you’ve got such a platform, some other composite material, or real wood decks, we can repair any damage to boards, rails, or stairs. Our team is experienced in providing deck maintenance services in an expansive range of avenues customers could need. From damaged planks to corroded fittings, there’s nothing we can’t handle. Our prices are low on all deck repair work. We offer deck repair services to Pasadena and nearby. So wherever you are in the surrounding areas, turn to our contractors for help with a broken deck floor or other problems.

Book a Free Trex Deck Quote

We provide estimates on all Trex and other composite and real wood deck installations, and in many cases, our affordable prices surprise customers. For a custom Trex deck designed to your specifications, with your choice of accessories and fittings, call and see what we can offer. Our professional exterior remodeling contractors can build all types of decks, outdoor living features, and more. This includes above ground pool deck areas, outdoor kitchen sets, railings, and any other feature you’d like. Meet with us for the free consultation and we’ll design a new Trex deck for your Pasadena property together. 


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