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Fire Pits & Outdoor Heating

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Fire Pits & Outdoor Heating

Fire Pit Table In Pasadena

There’s something primal and very human about an outdoor fire. We’ve gathered around wood fire pits for cooking, warmth, and just plain old idle chatter since before we were Homo sapiens sapiens. Adding outdoor fireplaces, pits, or tables to a piece of an outdoor property gives it a kind of familiarity that feels almost magical. If you’re looking for outdoor heating, cooking, or decorative fire pit elements in Pasadena, try the free consultation from our landscaping experts. We’ve got outdoor fireplace ideas for every need and purpose, and we know how to make them a reality at rock bottom prices.

Pasadena Outdoor Heating Features

The simplest outdoor heating system is a plain old fire pit, or a patio fireplace if you’ve got a porch to warm up. If you’re looking for something safer and more compact, there are also electric radiator outdoor heaters that you can order separately or built into another landscaping feature. With fire pit tables, you combine heating, seating, and even cooking into one space-saving piece of outdoor furniture. Our custom deck, porch, and outdoor kitchen designs work best if you’ve got a way to keep them warm. There are plenty of good ways to do this, just pick how you want it done.

Cooking With Fire Pit Tables And Outdoor Fireplaces

Backyard barbecues and outdoor kitchens are all the rage, and it’s not just because they look fancy. If you plan to do any serious cooking outdoors, you may want to consider a propane fire pit. Adjustable gas fire without any chopping or carrying needed makes your outdoor kitchen as easy to use as your indoor one. Firepit tables with counter and serving space around the fire let you squeeze a whole kitchen into one piece of outdoor furniture. Barbecue or campfire-style roasting works on any firepit, but a more advanced setup lets you cook anything.

Propane Fire Pits, Or Wood?

Wood fire pits are the original, and there’s no beating them for style and aesthetics. That said, not everyone wants to deal with the weight, care, and logistics of wood fuel. Propane fire pits might run a little more expensive, but they’re easier to use, less sensitive to the weather, and perfect for cooking. Propane provides a steady, dry heat, whereas wood gives you something aromatic and sometimes steamy. The logistics of an outdoor gas fireplace have their own complications as well. Depending on where you want things laid out, gas lines can be obstructive or hazardous, and tanks are sometimes unsightly. Use our consultation services to help you decide how to get the most convenience, beauty, and safety for your new fire pit.

Patio Fireplaces For Comfort And Style

Outdoor gas fireplaces can heat your patio as well as cook your food in a fire pit. Installing an outdoor fireplace of any kind takes some thought and planning since you’ll most often be building against an existing wall. For a patio fireplace, you’ll either be building onto one of the house’s walls or installing a fire column to contain the hearth and flue. If a cooking fire pit turns your yard into an outdoor kitchen, then a patio fireplace turns the porch into an outdoor parlor. Outdoor fireplaces are more contained than fire pits, but they also need a little more infrastructure. Talk to our Pasadena outdoor heating contractors for a free consultation & estimate. We’ll help you decide on the best approach for your patio or deck heating needs!


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