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Drywall Ceiling Repair


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Drywall Ceiling Repair

Drywall Ceiling Repair Services | Drywall Repair & Remodeling Pasadena, CA

Ensure Your Ceiling Looks Spotless

The drywall of your home’s ceiling is slightly more complicated than that of its walls, which makes it all he more important to allow experts to take care of any repairs. Otherwise, it may come out uneven and the patch noticeable, thus still drawing the eye away from the overall look of your home. We’ll take care of it quickly and easily for you without a mess so you won’t have to worry and your ceilings will look like new again! Whether the damage is from an accident of some kind or general aging over the years, we can help.

We Can Repair Textured Ceilings

While it takes a little extra work to take care of ceilings with a texture, our technicians will have it fixed for you sooner than you’d think! We use the best tools available to scrape the textured paint off entirely so there won’t be any mismatching after we’re finished, then remove the damaged portion of the ceiling with a drywall saw. The new piece of matching thickness will be cut to size before being installed in with drywall screws. After securing it with a joint compound and drywall tape, we’ll then prime and paint with a textured sleeve to reapply the former textured look.

Need A Little Extra Texture On Your Ceiling?

If your household’s ceilings are smooth rather than textured, we can certainly repair them as well! If it’s a small amount of damage we’ll remove as little drywall as possible to be replaced, but in either case we’ll confirm the piece going in its place is secured in properly and smoothed over with compound so it will be indiscernible from the rest of the ceiling. Then, all that’s left is to prime and paint it and you’ll never know any damage existed to begin with!

Don’t Wait Any Longer

There’s no reason to put off restoring your ceilings to their former beauty! Drywall Repair & Remolding Pasadena  can take care of it all for you. You’ll only wish that you called us sooner!


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